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Back Issues

The author is willing to pay up to £1 per copy (plus postage and package or delivery charge) for collections of certain older magazines (1970's to mid 1990's). A list of titles and specific issue numbers of interest will be added to this page at a later date. Magazines containing tobacco and alcohol ads would be of particular interest.

marketing week magazine cover.UK editions of particular interest at present include Time, Newsweek, The Grocer, CSA, Marketing Weekly, Q, Design Magazine, Empire, TheTime magazine cover. Face. US editions and equivalent magazines of relevance to advertising and magazines carrying tobacco and alcohol ads from around the world would also be of interest.

Contributions or the loan of older magazines from individuals or organizations, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, willing to support the examination of back issues for semi-subliminal advertising would be gratefully appreciated. Information about archives of magazines or advertising in the UK would also be greatly appreciated.

Please note that potential contributors should not forward unsolicited magazines. Contact the author first. This will ensure they will not be duplicating material he already possesses. E-mail may be sent to the following address

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Specific Information

1) Information from 'whistleblowers' or anyone else with information on any form of manipulative advertising, in particular semi-subliminal advertising, would be welcomed by the author.   All informants will remain confidential if so desired but informants should read section X of the Disclaimer page with regard to information received.

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2) If anyone has a copy of The History of Camel Advertising for sale or knows where a second hand copy can be purchased the author would be pleased to hear from them.

3) A couple of AAAA ads were analysed in the Ads from the Archives page. These were discovered in textbooks. The author would like to take a closer look at the original ads. If there were other ads in the series the author would also like to take a look at them. If anyone has original copies of any of these ads in their possession the author would be pleased to hear from them. Illustrated below are a couple more from the series.

Ad from the AAAAAnother ad from the AAAA









ASA Top Ten booklet for 1997.4.Copies of any of the Advertising Standards Authority Top Ten Ad booklets for years other than 1997 would be appreciated.




5) Second hand copies of books such as the Advertising Year Book, World Advertising Year Book cover.Advertising Review and other illustrated books on advertising are also sought by the author at reasonable prices.

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Current Issues

If informants have information about ads from magazines currently in print that seem relevant to this website they can send details of the ad, the magazine name, issue number and page number by e-mail. The author will do his best to acquire a copy from other sources. Do not send the actual magazine or ad..

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Art and Advertising

Viewers will have noted a dearth of examples from the art world in these pages. This section may be extended considerably in future years.  Suggestions of works of art for inclusion and any relevant references would be gratefully received.

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Films and TV Commercials

Very few references have been made to films and TV commercials on this site. This section may be extended in future and suggestions of films, works of reference and any other relevant information will be gratefully received.  

Television commercials have not featured in these pages even although a small proportion of these also use semi-subliminal techniques they are time consuming to collect. If anyone has copies of old commercials that they suspect contain semi-subliminal elements the author would be interested in hearing from them.

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Mailing Address

Preliminary enquiries should be be made by e-mail to







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Commentary and information about any of the ads or requests on this Web site can be sent by e-mail to the Webmaster

To the best of the author's knowledge none of the illustrations, in the format used on this site, are subject to copyright. If copyright has been inadvertently breached please contact the author in order to rectify the matter. All brands and logos referred to or illustrated on this site are the property of the relevant companies and copyright holders. However, commentary and other information produced by the author can be freely copied and distributed. Similarly, illustrations of ads, so long as they are accompanied by commentary or are presented in the form of parody, can also be copied and distributed but please acknowledge as the source. Translation of tobacco company ads and relevant commentary into languages other than English will be particularly welcomed.

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