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Rating Table

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Sample Rating Table

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The table presented above is/was going to have been the basis of the rating tables mentioned on many rollover images. However, after rating a few ads it became apparent that the amount of work required to place ratings on each would have been disproportionate to the benefit. The outcome is that, in the meantime, rating tables are not being implemented. The classification system is discussed on a couple of pages (TopSecrt.htm and Famtree.htm) and is summarised in the following Table.

Category and Type
Category Type Semi-subliminal Manipulative
I Unattended Information No No
II Product Placement No Yes
III Other Manipulative ads: not so easy to notice as those in Category III. Often rely upon language to direct/trigger meaning. No Yes
IV Small, camouflaged or embedded, semi-subliminal components Yes Yes


Borderline embedded images and minor variations in the texture/grain of the artwork Yes Yes

Subliminal material

No Yes

The varations in ads falling into these categories and analysed on this site span categories III, IV and V. Which of the three categories is under consideration is usually made clear in the associated discussion.

The site also contains a few ads where attention may not be given to elements that can be perceived (Category I). More generally the ads illustrated contain embedded imagery that can be perceived when attention is drawn to them (Categories III or IV). Some others are much more difficult to perceive and these fall into Category V. There are only a few illustrations of such ads with imagery on the borderline of perceptual ability as these cannot be effectively presented on low resolution screens. And, of course, truly subliminal ads (Category VI) are absent - or, if present, were not detected by the author and are included unknowingly.

Therefore, for any references to Rating Table, until such times as a rating table scheme is implemented, simply ask yourself where the ad fits in on the continuum of categories.

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