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The Subliminal World Polling Page 2

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Here is another poll. This is more serious in intent than those on the previous page but as was noted, the results would still not be comparable to those obtained from more rigorous research studies.

This poll asks you to decide whether or not there are semi-subliminal elements in this Camel ad from 1993.

There may be an embedded element or elements in the ad. You are asked to judge which section of the ad this is in. Each ad is divided into nine quadrants and all you have to do is select which of the nine quadrants (if any) that you think this embedded element(s) is (are) in. If you note more than one simply select the one that seems most obvious to you. After data has been collected from 500 viewers this data will be made available, as will the location and nature of any embedded element(s).

Very important note: Despite much publicity about the 'genital' nature of Joe Camel's proboscis i.e. nose, this is not the aspect of this ad that is of interest. It is definitely not semi-subliminal according to the definition used on this site.

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Poll No. 3

Old Joe Camel ad from 1993. There is an embedded element in the ad and it is not the manikin on the packet.


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