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The Subliminal World Polling Page 1

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If you have found this site of interest you may wish to contribute to some research that the author is carrying out. The first three polls allow you to express your views in an open context. The results are accessible and will give you an indication as to whether or not your views are shared by other viewers of the Subliminal World site.

Note that the results of the polls should not be considered particularly valid as the ready availability of previous results may lead to a bias when viewers provide their views. Additionally, as made clear on one of the introductory pages, the images displayed on the site, including these on this page, are not equivalent in quality to the original printed ads. This difference in visual quality may also have influenced judgements and produce results different from those that would be obtained if research were carried out using copies of the original ads. Nevertheless, despite these qualifications, I am sure that viewers will find the accumulating data of interest. So, have a go, express your opinion. Let's see whether 'subliminal advertising' is still alive and kicking and whether ad agencies deserve to have their butts kicked into touch.

Two More Polls

There are another two polls on the next few pages (only one of which is active at any particular time). These are more serious in intent but again the results would not be comparable to those obtained from more rigorous research studies. They ask you to decide whether or not there are semi-subliminal elements in two ads. One is a Camel ad from 1993, the other is a recent ad for ONeill's pubs ( February, 2001). In each case there may be an embedded element in the ads.

You are asked to judge which section of the ad the (possible) embedded element is in. Each ad is divided into nine quadrants and all you have to do is select which of the nine quadrants (if any) that you think this embedded element is in. After data has been collected from 500 viewers this data will be made available, as will the answer (and location) of any embedded element. Click here to access the next poll page.

Poll No. 1


Simply choose an answer from the drop down menu. Click on Vote. Then view the results to see how your views fit in with those of other viewers.


Poll No. 2


With this next poll you are asked to rate each of three ads and three extracts from various ads discussed on this site on five dimensions: Do you think they are sexy, manipulative, appealing, how close to subliminal and informative? Links to the pages discussing the various ads are provided at the foot of the page.

To complete the poll, choose the answer you prefer from the five choices shown on the scale to the left of each image. The scale in use is indicated at the top of each column.

For example, click in the box to the left if you rate the ad as low on a particular dimension e.g. not very sexy. Click towards the right if you think it is high e.g. very sexy. Choose one of the intermediate boxes if you think it is more or less sexy.

Remember to do this six times if you wish to complete all six different polls.

As with Poll No. 1 you will be able to find out how other people view these ads by clicking the results link at the bottom of each poll box. No hanging chads or missed opportunities here. Completion of these polls won't leave you feeling bushed either.

Ad 1a
Extract from Marlboro Christmas ad.
Ad 1b
Rothman's world leader/welsh 'face' ad.
Ad 1c
Rebecca from Miller Lite.
Ad 2a
One of the AAAA ads that hypocritically castigated critics of subliminal advertising.
Ad 2b
Extract form a Jack Daniel's ad.
Ad 2c
Jim Beam's highly aroused robot.


Links to the Subliminal World pages discussing the ads included in poll question no. 2

Marlboro Miller Lite Rothmans AAAA Jack Daniels Jim Beam

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Poll No. 3

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Commentary and information about any of the ads or requests on this Web site can be sent by e-mail to the Webmaster

To the best of the author's knowledge none of the illustrations, in the format used on this site, are subject to copyright. If copyright has been inadvertently breached please contact the author in order to rectify the matter. All brands and logos referred to or illustrated on this site are the property of the relevant companies and copyright holders. However, commentary and other information produced by the author can be freely copied and distributed. Similarly, illustrations of ads, so long as they are accompanied by commentary or are presented in the form of parody, can also be copied and distributed but please acknowledge as the source. Translation of tobacco company ads and relevant commentary into languages other than English will be particularly welcomed.

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