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Links and Useful Resources

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Links to Sites related to 'Subliminal'Advertising

V Link to

Apart from, here is the only other site dedicated to semi-subliminal advertising - but there (and the related sites noted below) you will find the subject called subliminal advertising.

Related Sites

i.e. concerning Subliminal Perception, Reports, Articles, etc. but very rarely accurate and up-to-date. Good for overview of historical events and public reactions to subliminal advertising.

VUrban Legends banner.

Urban Legends: Interesting commentary on what is acknowledged not to be a legend.

VSubliminal CIA banner.

Source of an interesting commentary on subliminal advertising.


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Links to Advertising and Related Sites

For more Ad Assocation Web Sites check out Advertising Organizations and Publications by J. P. Jones

V AMA banner.

American Marketing Association


V ISBA banner.

The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers

V ICA banner.

Institute of Canadian Advertising

V ForceS banner.

Forces: Claiming to educate the Public and campaigning for Consumer Rights.


History of Advertising Trust banner.

The History of Advertising Trust Archive

V AA banner.

The Advertising Association

V ARC banner.

Advertising Research Foundation

V Ad Council banner.

The Advertising Council

V AEF banner.

Advertising Educational Foundation

V AAAA banner.

American Association of Advertising Agencies

V AAM banner.

American Advertising Museum


Independent Television Council (?)


Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

V BBB banner.

The Better Business Bureau

V WARC banner.

World Advertising Research Center


V AAF banner.

American Advertising Federation

V Media Awareness Network banner.

Media Awareness Network

V ASA banner.

Advertising Standards Authority


European Association of Advertising Agencies

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Links to Campaigning and Health Related Organisations

Smoker's rights button.Smokers rights anti smoking butotn Everyone's right to pollution free air

V Canadian tobacco companies crimes against humanity banner.

Canadian Tobacco Companies Crimes Against Humanity

V Tobacco BBS banner.

Tobacco BBS

V Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids banner.

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

V Adbusters banner.

Adbusters: Culture Jammers Headquarters

V Transparency International banner.

Transparency International

V ACSH banner.

American Council on Science and Health

V INFACT banner.

Infact: Campaigning for Corporate Accountability

V ASH (US) banner.

Action on Smoking and Health (USA)

V ASH (UK) banner.

Action on Smoking and Health (UK)

V DOC banner.




V ACCI banner.

American Council on Consumer Interests

V PSFC banner.

Physicians for a Smoke Free Canada

V ACS banner.

American Cancer Society

V COST banner.

C.O.S.T.: Children Opposed to Smoking Tobacco

V TII banner.

Tobacco Industry Information

V Tobacco Free banner.

Patrick Reynolds: Grandson of RJReynolds: Public Speaker against Smoking

V TIPS banner.

V Health Canada banner. and V Smokefree banner.

Smokescreen and SmokeFree Action Network

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Links to Alcohol Related Sites

V DSC of the US banner.

Distilled Spirits Council

of the United States

V CAA banner.

Center on Alcohol Advertising

V IAS banner.

Institute of Alcohol Studies

V Eurocare banner.

Eurocare: Advocacy for the Prevention of Alcohol Related harm in Europe

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Links to Pschological Association Sites

V APA banner.

The American Psychological Association

V BPS banner.

The British Psychological Society

V Psyc Site banner.

Psyc Site

V SPSSI banner.

The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues

V SPN banner.

Social Psychology Network

V SCP banner.

Society for Consumer Psychology


Canadian Psychological Association

V SOSIG banner.

Social Science Information Gateway

V PsychNet banner.


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Semiotic and Media Sites

V Semiotics banner.

Introduction to Semiotics

V MCS banner.

Media and Communication Studies Site


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Links to other sites of Interest

V Anfy team banner.

Anfy Team: The souce of many of the java applets and animated adverts on this site.

V Thesis on marlboro advertising.

Thesis on Marlboro Advertising

VThe Art of Kissing.

V Escher's art site.

Links to sources of Escher's art


V The Skeptics Dictionary

The Skeptic's Dictionary: Views on Subliminal Advertising

V University of Texas Advertising World.

University of Texas

V Truth in Advertising.

Truth in Advertising: A collection of Vintage Cigarette Adverts from the Age of Innocence. Navigate from the Index page.

VMcSpotlight link. Beyond McDonalds link.

McSpotlight: Beyond McDonalds



Microsoft Subliminal Ad (presumed to be a spoof)

V Propaganda.

A commentary on Propaganda

V Garbology.


Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D. is internationally recognized for her pioneering work on alcohol and tobacco advertising and the image of women in advertising. She is best known for her award-winning documentaries Killing Us Softly, Slim Hopes, and Pack of Lies. Her web site offers a great set of links to activist, capaigning and information sites.


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