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Something Wicked This Way Comes


The Advertising Standards Authority claims that 97% of UK adverts are Legal, Decent, Honest and Truthful. Perhaps this is so. But the 97% includes a notable number of questionable ads. Don't ask about the other 3%. And as for cigarette and alcoholic drink ads from the United States..............Oh! Brother!


If you are interested in world affairs check this link for a sensible, non-western, and valid alternative. Presented in English.


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*This is an ad from the AAAA, disparaging critics of 'subliminal' advertising. Despite its critical tone it, rather surprisingly, contains 'subliminal' imagery (but not breasts). If you consider the ad (even at this reduced resolution) at least one of the secondary images is clearly visible. Was this the height of hypocrisy on the part of advertising professionals or just an 'in joke' on the part of bored artists?

This specific ad and its contents is discussed further on the Ads from the Archives page.



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It is said there is no such thing as 'subliminal' advertising. Enjoy viewing something that doesn't exist.