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If the current brief selection of downloads are not of interest move further down the page and examine the Benson & Hedges (UK) advert. To get a 'closer' look run your mouse over the image and a 'magifying glass' effect will enhance the selected portion of the ad.



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Subliminal Messages, a programme produced by Jeff L. Williams. Contact information for Jeff is provided on the programme splash screen. Subliminal Messages presents your choice of message on your monitor screen (make up your own or choose from Jeff's large and varied selection). Read the information about such programmes before making use of it and note that they only offer a placebo benefit i.e. such programmes DO NOT actually influence anyone unless they expect it to do so. There is also some information about the Placebo effect on the Glossary Page.

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The Subliminal World Sreensaver, a somewhat paradoxical screensaver that can be either stimulating or relaxing: the resulting mood is dependent upon how much (or how little) attention is paid to to the content of the screensaver.

This unique screensaver is formed from a collage of book covers selected from the bibliography pages. The overall collage is 'hidden' from view but roving spotlights illuminate portions of the collage. The 'spotlight' images also 'bounce' off each other as the move across the collage. Check it out. If you wish to treat it as a puzzle, try to identify the different books.

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The Sentiments Slide Show. This slide show contains some stunning photography and associated commentary that offers ample food for thought. This was sent to me without any attribution to the author. If you know who constructed this show please let me know so that I can add the appropriate acknowledgements.

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A PowerPoint Presentation prepared for the International Interdisciplinary Conference on Figuring Addictions/Rethinking Consumption. University of Lancaster, United Kingdom, 4-5th April, 2002. This Powerpoint presentation contains the slides shown at the conference. Additional notes will be added to clarify the information for the layperson when time permits. The conclusion of the presentation, based on a comparison of three variations on embedded secondary or 'subliminal' imagery drawn from actual adverts, is that secondary or 'subliminal' imagery in ads influences the judgements of viewers. This conclusion runs counter to the views often expressed elswhere and actual experimental material (images and modified images) can be viewed by clicking here. Links are provided to additional commentary concerning the relevant ads when these are discussed elsewhere on the web site.

If you have difficulty viewing the Powerpoint slides, try running this self executable Slide Show programme. This contains exactly the same content.

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