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Statement of Intent by the author

animated statue of liberty.These web pages make use of various ads to bring offensive and manipulative advertising techniques to the notice of the general public. No claims are made as to the ability of such ads to influence members of the public. The ads are presented simply as examples of what is current practice by certain companies and their agents. However, given the length of time such ads have been in use it is likely that the relevant companies have evaluated their use and can provide information regarding their ability to influence the viewing public.

The site does not contain a definitive list of such ads nor are the ads selected to focus upon any particular individuals or companies. However, there are exceptions. Where the weight of evidence has accumulated and indicates such advertising is clearly a matter of long term company policy e.g. with tobacco companies and their advertising agencies, then a stronger line is taken. Because of the health implications of the sale of these products additional commentary draws attention to various other aspects of cigarette advertising and smoking. In due course a separate web site focussing on tobacco companies and their world-wide advertising practices will be set up.

In the meantime viewers should give careful consideration to any statements from tobacco companies disavowing the use of manipulative techniques and any statements that they might make claiming that the health and welfare of the population at heart. Equally they should take any statement that claims that cigarette smoking is a matter of free choice with a 'pinch of salt'.

Where they feel strongly about the use of manipulative techniques they ought to make appropriate representations to the companies concerned and any other interested parties.

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Terms and Conditions of Use

Animated statue of liberty.By viewing these pages you the user acknowledge you have read and accept the following terms and conditions.

1. Jim Hagart cannot be held responsible in any way whatsoever for the users behaviour, thoughts or feelings should these be influenced by viewing the ads and commentary on this site.

2. Jim Hagart cannot be held responsible for any misuse or violation of any copyright restrictions over advertisements, images or other material arising from their use on Jim Hagart's Subliminal World.

3. Viewers accept that adverts illustrated on Jim Hagart's Subliminal World are presented as an integral part of fair commentary on the subject of semi-subliminal and manipulative advertising.

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Suitability of this site for viewing by young children

Animated statue of liberty.The adverts discussed on the web site originated within the advertising community.  In many respects they are everyday viewing. However in normal social situations attention would not be drawn to the covert advertising messages contained in most of the ads discussed on this site.   By drawing attention to such covert messages the current site makes this type of material 'visible' to almost anyone with normal vision.

It should be noted that some of the contents of the site are deemed unsuitable for young children. Others, such as impressionable adolescents, adults with defensive personality traits and others of an anxious disposition may also find certain of the ads rather distasteful.

Parental guidance should therefore be exercised in determining the suitability of this site for younger viewer and other viewers should attempt to view the ads dispassionately rather than respond emotionally - as advertisers would normally wish.

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Issues concerning alleged infringement of copyright

Animated statue of liberty.Copyright does exist in respect of advertisements. But copyright does not prevent commentators from making use of such material when illustrative material is essential in order to offer fair comment upon an advert and its content. Where adverts that are not integral to the core function of this web site are used e.g. when such adverts are used for comparative purposes only, then consideration will be given to replacing these if the producers and copyright holders of such adverts so wish.

Any individual or company who wishes to raise issues concerned with infringement of copyright of other material should identify themselves as the owner of the copyright or acting on behalf of the owner of the copyright that has been alleged to have been infringed .  A list of the works that are alleged to have been infringed should also be supplied.   An address, telephone number, and if available, an electronic mail address should be supplied in order that the complaining party may be contacted.  Complainants should also supply a statement testifying that use of the material in the matter complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law in any form whatsoever, including a statement that the work cannot be used in the public interest and commented upon as a matter of fair comment. Consideration should also be given to the relevance of the information included on the Supplement to this page.

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Information for any supplier of information or content to the author

Animated statue of liberty.Any information provided to Jim Hagart in connection with the web site shall be provided by the submitter and received by Jim Hagart on a non-confidential basis unless otherwise specifically stated so in writing and just cause provided as to why the information is held to be confidential.  Jim Hagart shall be free to use any non-confidential information on an unrestricted basis. Information submitted in confidence will not be published or made use of in any manner other than that authorized by the submitter.

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Ad content

Animated statue of liberty.There have, in general, been no alterations to any of the ads presented on Jim Hagart's Subliminal World. The few exceptions to this rule are evident and do not have any bearing on the subject matter of this site. Changes exist where ads have been altered for the purposes of pointing out features, parodying the content, splicing two halves of an ad together or framing the existing content.

Few of the ads are presented at their original full page or double page size as file sizes would be excessive. However, where the salient segments of ads are presented to highlight specific issues or techniques these are usually presented at their original size. Again the few exceptions are noted. Viewers interested in full size copies may, in due course, purchase a CD with the full contents of this site and additional material presented at a variety of resolutions.

As illustrated on most computer screens, ads may appear to be clear and detailed. In fact, they are nowhere near as detailed as illustrations in magazines. The illusion of high quality exists only because the visual system of the viewer compensates for any deficiencies on screen.

The resolution of a computer screen is, in fact, about one half that of standard print and considerably poorer than high quality photography or print This reduction in screen quality means that many ads containing semi-subliminal elements cannot be reproduced on screen. The author does not consider it appropriate to enlarge these images in an attempt to provide viewers with additional examples of subtle ads. Changing the size of an ad would most likely change the perceptions of that ad. Such ads have therefore generally been excluded, leaving attention focussed on semi-subliminal and manipulative ads containing elements that can be perceived with normal vision after attention is focussed on them

Viewers will find a basic explanation of the perceptual process on the psychology and perception pages. For more comprehensive explanations viewers are referred to the various books on perception, psychology, advertising and art listed in the bibliography.

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Important Notification. 

Anyone wishing to raise issues regarding alleged infringement of copyright should read the contents of the Disclaimer page before contacting the author.

In any communication regarding such matters please supply the information requested.

Inadvertent use of copyright Java applets, gifs etc or unacknowledgement of copyright free applets, etc. will be rectified upon notification.


For additional information relevant to the publication of this site click on the appropriate entry

Prolegomenon, Section 2 of the Educational Reform Act (1987) and other matters

Article 10 of the European Convention for the protection of Human Rights

Section 6 of the Defamation Act 1952

The US Copyright Act

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Commentary and information about any of the ads or requests on this Web site can be sent by e-mail to the Webmaster

To the best of the author's knowledge none of the illustrations, in the format used on this site, are subject to copyright. If copyright has been inadvertently breached please contact the author in order to rectify the matter. All brands and logos referred to or illustrated on this site are the property of the relevant companies and copyright holders. However, commentary and other information produced by the author can be freely copied and distributed. Similarly, illustrations of ads, so long as they are accompanied by commentary or are presented in the form of parody, can also be copied and distributed but please acknowledge as the source. Translation of tobacco company ads and relevant commentary into languages other than English will be particularly welcomed.

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