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To all the Open University students from DSE202 summer schools in the late 80's and early 90's who expected a copy of a short paper on the subject of subliminal advertising.

The paper never got completed. I hope this site will be some compensation for the long wait. Incidentally, does anyone have a photograph (or copy) of the 3D Scorpion ad that was in the Sussex University bar somewhere between the late 80's and early 90's?


Finally, it is dedicated to all campaigners against corporate greed, tobacco advertising, smoking in public places, injustice and exploitation in general, and to those who have and continue to suffer as a result of the lack of social responsibility on the part of many individuals in corporate management and government.

See the various pages and links on this site for useful insights into the lack of ethical standards of the major tobacco companies. Bear in mind that the easiest way of bringing companies into line is to hurt them where it hurts most - their profits. Decline to purchase goods from any company - and their subsidiaries and companies associated with them - if they make use of semi-subliminal or manipulative advertising.

A special plea is made to help bring the tobacco companies and their associates to their knees. The action of these companies will bring an early death to many millions of people around the world. The companies claim that smoking is a matter of freedom of choice among adults well informed about the health risks involved. Yet they indulge in advertising practices that subvert whatever freedom of choice is available to smokers. Three quarters of smokers are well on the way to being addicted to nicotine before they reach the age at which they can legally purchase the most iniquitous of products. In addition they attempt to subvert any agreement they are forced into by legislation or pubic pressure.

One cannot trust companies whose chief executives as late as 1994 swore in a court of law that their products were not addictive. If that were true then not only pigs would be able to fly.

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