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Cautionary Notes Part I

None of the semi-subliminal or manipulative ads on this site should be considered in isolation. There is rarely an obvious feature that qualifies as a semi-subliminal element in an ad. More often than not such elements are part of an overall theme or convey only part of a more sophisticated message. Additionally, semi-subliminal and manipulative ads are part of the continuum of advertising techniques. These run from the clearly visible to (possibly) the truly subliminal. If you are having difficulty 'seeing' what is described do not jump to a hasty conclusion regarding the nature of semi-subliminal and manipulative advertising and their potential to influence the thoughts of viewers. Read some of the visual perception and psychology pages first.

Viewers should remember that 'First impressions don't count with semi-subliminal ads'. Such ads are not designed to 'jump out and grab you by the throat'. They are intended to influence you without your conscious involvement. If they were 'too obvious' then such a goal would be impossible. In other words they are designed to be difficult to perceive. There are many exceptions, especially when considering manipulative rather than semi-subliminal ads. Additionally, some ads may contain elements that do not attract instant attention but nevertheless 'stand out' when attention is drawn to the contents e.g. the Lynx Phoenix ad. Additional information regarding the continuum of manipulative advertising techniques can be found on a couple of other pages: Click here for Topsecrt.htm and here for Rating.htm

Viewing a number of ads from the same company or for the same product may present sceptical viewers with a more compelling message than 'first impressions', just as circumstantial evidence in a court case can accumlulate to produce a sound verdict. Alternatively, think of the argument on this site as a mosaic, with each page contributing part of the overall picture. Only when the picture is complete can one extract something really meaningful.

Other pertinent information can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page and the Glossary page.


Cautionary Notes Part II




Please note that a small number of adverts and sections of text on this site are considered unsuitable for children's viewing. In most instances the style of writing is likely to deter young viewers. However, as an additional precaution for adult viewers, these pages or sections are identified by the warning sign shown above.
Additionally, note that viewing these pages is taken as an indication that the conditions laid down on the Disclaimer page have been accepted.

Although there is no strong evidence to indicate that the type of unethical ads discussed on this site influence viewers, every effort has been made to ensure that any embedded elements can be consciously appreciated. The full debate on the subject of subliminal advertising will unfold the more pages you read.

Conscious awareness of the intended means of influence should be sufficient to counter any unethical means of persuasion that you are exposed to. But, to help lessen any potential impact, a less serious note is also struck through the liberal use of counter imagery, animations and various parodies, etc.

Note 1. As this is a web site set up by the author, it is a personal web site. In addition to presenting a range of information regarding and related to 'subliminal' advertising I also make use of the site to present views on other subjects that I consider equally or more important. The information regarding 'subliminal' advertising is as objective and value free as I can make it. However, the views on any other subject is most likely to be considered 'political' and a reflection of my interests, experience and judgements and my views on what would constitute a better society. These views are presented either in the format of banner ads or on separate pages identified by a different banner heading. The viewer is free to accept them with 'a pinch of salt'.

Note 2: Many changes were made to the site in June, 2001 in order to offer a Basic Version free from 'bells and whistles'. If you come across any glitches that inconvenience you please inform the author at





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To the best of the author's knowledge none of the illustrations, in the format used on this site, are subject to copyright. If copyright has been inadvertently breached please contact the author in order to rectify the matter. All brands and logos referred to or illustrated on this site are the property of the relevant companies and copyright holders. However, commentary and other information produced by the author can be freely copied and distributed. Similarly, illustrations of ads, so long as they are accompanied by commentary or are presented in the form of parody, can also be copied and distributed but please acknowledge as the source. Translation of tobacco company ads and relevant commentary into languages other than English will be particularly welcomed.

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