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Books about 'Subliminal' Advertising

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*Note that book cover illustrations may differ from that currently offered and US and UK versions often have different covers.

Channouf, A.Les Images Subliminales. Presses universitaires de France (Médecine et Société).

Channouf, A et Pichevin, M.-F., (1998) Le Pouvoir Subliminal: Influences non conscientes sur le comportement. Delachaux et Niestlé, Lausanne, Switzerland.

DIXON.jpg (8280 bytes)Dixon, N.F. (1981) Preconscious Processing. John Wiley & Sons, Chichester.

Haberbk.gif (15732 bytes)Haberstroh, J. (1994) Ice Cube Sex : The Truth About Subliminal Advertising. Cross Cultural Publications, Inc., Notre Dame, Ill.


Keybk2s.gif (12706 bytes)Key, W.B. (1972) Subliminal Seduction. New American Library, New York.

Keybk3s.gif (10460 bytes)Key, W.B. (1976) Media Sexploitation. Signet Books/New American Library, New York.

Key, W.B. (1980) The Clam Plate Orgy. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J. [Not illustrated]


Key, W. B. (1989) The Age of Manipulation : The Con in confidence, The sin in sincere. Madison Books, Lanham, Maryland.

Keybk1s.gif (13041 bytes)Key, W. B. (1992) Subliminal Adventures in Erotic Art. Branden Publishing Co. Inc., Boston.

PACKARD.jpg (8078 bytes)Packard, V. (1957,1981) The Hidden Persuaders Penguin, Harmondsworth, Middlsx.

Pèochhacker, C. (not illustrated) Suggestivwerbung und unlauterer Wettbewerb See wanted list below.


Roquena, J.G. (not illustrated) El espot publicitario : las metamorfosis del deseo See wanted list below.


TAYLORE.jpg (10096 bytes)Taylor, E. (1990) Subliminal Communication : Emperor's Clothes or Panacea? Just Another Reality Publishing, Las Vegas.

TAYLORE2.jpg (11456 bytes)Taylor, E. (1988 ) Subliminal Learning : An Eclectic Approach.  RK Book, Las Vegas.

Taylor, E. (1995) Subliminal Technology: Unlocking the power of your own mind: The Philosophy and Science Behind Innertalk. RK Books



UNDRWOOD.jpg (8138 bytes)Underwood, G. (1996) Implicit Cognition. Oxford University Press.





( German & Spanish ) Books Wanted

Suggestivwerbung und unlauterer Wettbewerb : by Christof Pèochhacker. ISBN 3704602035

El espot publicitario : las metamorfosis del deseo : by Jesâus Gonzâalez Roquena. ISBN 8437613108



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