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Books on the Art of Astrology, etc.


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*Note that book cover illustrations may differ from that currently offered and US and UK versions often have different covers.


Culver, R.B. & Ianna, P.A. (1984) The Gemini Syndrome: A Scientific Evaluation of Astrology. Promotheus Books, Buffalo, New York.


Eysenck, J.J. & Nias, D.K.B. (1982) Astrology: Science or Superstition. Pelican Books, Harmondsworth, Middlsx.


Guaquelin, M. (1979) Dreams and Illusions of Astrology. Glover and Blair, London/Promotheus Books, Buffalo, New York.




Seymour, P. (1988) Astrology: The Evidence of Science. Lennard Publishing, Luton, Beds.


Tester, J. (1987) A History of Western Astrology. Boydell Press, Woodbridge, Suffolk/Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.





Note that the vast majority of books on the subject of Horoscopes, etc. will have no validity whatsoever. Such books are churned out by uncritical believers for the naive and the gullible. Check out some of the specific references up above if you would like true insight into the recommendations of astrologers, tarot readers, crystal ball gazers and assorted other groups of individuals who claim to be able to predict your future using practices unsupported by any evidence. See also the magazine Skeptical Inquirer and other similar magazines.

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