Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java. If this is what Budweiser does to your stomach then it is probably time that you tried drinking real ale until you found a brand that you liked. Real ale is fresh, lively and tasty. It is also free from all those gaseous products that are used to keep your nitro-keg beer 'fresh'. Have a gas free night and sample Black Sheep, Pedigree, Bombardier or any of the many other brands available nationally or regionally. Make sure, however, that you find a pub where the licensee knows how to look after their beer.

Although there are a few exceptions, most big pub chains don't give a hoot about the quality of their cellar management. They don't need to train their staff to look after real beer. They know that 'dead' beer from kegs can be looked after easily and is consumed in gallons by unsophisticated drinkers conned by major advertising hype.

Real ale requires some investment, time and effort and consistent temperatures to produce a drink that can knock the socks off Budweiser, Carling Black Label, Fosters and any of the other nationally advertised keg beers and lagers that tend to differ only in terms of advertising. And have you ever really considered what they mean by iced beer. It is intended to be served so cold it kills the ability of taste buds to taste anything. Talk about being conned. If your taste buds cannot tell the difference you might as well be drinking slops or p***.

Wise up, beer and lager drinkers. Give real ale a try. The big brewing companies are taking their customers for a ride by spending millions on hyping products they know they can sell easily to a gullible public whilst they only spend a fraction of that amount on the type of beers that their reputation was initially built on. These real ales are still available, cost a bit more, but are worth every penny of the difference.

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