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Works of Art, Miscellaneous Items

and Films

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Works of Art

Stanthst.gif (2932 bytes) St. Anthony in the Wilderness by Hieronymus Bosch
Holbeint.gif (3623 bytes)  

The French Ambassadors by Holbein

Durerst.gif (3284 bytes)  

Fenedier Fortified Rock at Arco by Albrecht Durer

Picassot.gif (2725 bytes)  

Woman Asleep: The Dream by Pablo Picasso

Nashbrgt.gif (4463 bytes)  

Canal Bridge, Sydney Gardens, Bath by John Nash

Mantegat.jpg (1555 bytes)


Virtue Chasing Vice by Mantegna

Kleecp1t.gif (4656 bytes)  

Nacket auf dem Bett (Naked on the Bed by Paul Klee

Primavrt.gif (6706 bytes)  

Primavera, The Allegory of Spring by Sandro Botticelli

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Miscellaneous and Unidentified Items



B magazine cover (with Robbi Williams)


Bold (Soap powder packet)

Budweiser label


Budweiser (1) (Bud Ice Label) Budweiser (2)

Camel pack thunbnail


Camel Cigarette Pack

spainjot.jpg (1569 bytes)  

Camel cigarettes (Automatic cigarette pack dispenser - Spain)


Cherry Coke (label)

Thumbnail of a CocaCola truck.


Coca Cola Delivery Van (Mexico)


Coca Cola (label)


Diet Coke labels

Disarrlt.gif (2729 bytes)  

Disarrono Amaretto (1) / Disarrono Amaretto (2) (Promotional Display)

Dr Pepper label


Fanta Lemon label


Fanta Orange label


Fairy (Soap powder packet)

Foster1t.jpg (1228 bytes)  

Foster's Lager   (Beer mat)

Foster6t.jpg (640 bytes)  

Foster's Lager (Beer mat)

Thumbnail of a Guess poster/billboard


Guess Jeans Billboard/hoarding (Mexico)

holsten1t.jpg (781 bytes)  holsten2t.jpg (802 bytes)  

Holsten Pils (Beer Mat)


ITV F1 Grand Prix Guide

boag3t.jpg (1268 bytes)


James Boag (Premium Lager Label)

thumbnail of Strongarm Bitter label


James Boag (Strongarm Bitter Label)


Judas Priest (magazine article)


Lilt (label)


Marlboro brand in shop window


Marlboro brand clothing

Thumbnail of a Marlboro ad featuring cowboys rounding up horses


Marlboro billboard/hoarding (Mexico)

thumbnail of a Marlboro ad


Marlboro billboard/hoarding (Mexico)

thumbnail  of Marlboro poster: Good Morning Texas   


Marlboro billboard/hoarding (UK)

Poster3t.jpg (1665 bytes)


Marlboro billboard/hoarding (UK)

poster4t.jpg (1742 bytes)


Marlboro billboard/hoarding (UK)

CINET.jpg (1498 bytes)


Marlboro billboard/hoarding (UK)


Pepsi Max label

Pepsi Can
Thumbnail ol a pepsi billboard/hoarding


Pepsi (Revolving sign: Mexico)

Quo magazine thumbnail


Quo magazine cover (Mexico)

spain21t.jpg (1454 bytes)


Sprite ice bucket (Spanish)


Surf (Soap powder packet)


Textured ad for illustration No subliminal content


Time magazine cover (with Colonel Gadaffi)


Unidentified American ad

unidentified car ad thumbnail


Unidentified U.K. car ad

Stampt.gif (3845 bytes)  

United Kingdom Postage Stamp

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People of note

( referred to for a variety of reasons)


Humphrey Bogart


Winston Fletcher


Judas Priest


Jeffrey Wigand


Merrill Williams

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Films/Music of note

(either including 'subliminal' elements, drawing upon the notion of subliminal or noted for some other reason)




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